Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Taking the piss

 It is now over three years since the fire that devastated Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Almost immediately a fund was set up to rebuild, which has to date received almost one billion pounds in donations from all over the world. But the catholic church has stated that this is not enough, and they have gone, cap in hand, to obtain more millions from the French government.

What a bunch of fucking parasites!

More malice

 DZ has recently read an article about a Consultant Paediatrician who is being pursued by the GMC. There are two aspects to this case that I find disturbing.

Firstly the case at the centre of their action is 24 years old. If you check the GMC website you will see that they themselves have a "five year rule". They will not normally investigate cases older than 5 years. So they are acting contrary to their own guidelines.

Secondly, and far more disturbing. The doctor has decided to apply for voluntary erasure. This would terminate the action of the medical practitioners tribunal. Only back in June this year I posted on a similar case. In that case the GMC granted voluntary erasure, the MPT objected, and the case went to court where the legal precedent was set that a doctor can obtain voluntary erasure even if there was a tribunal in progress. On that occasion the GMC were actually the good guys. Which makes it all the more extraordinary that on this occasion the GMC are ignoring this precedent, and have rejected the application. So not only are they being malicious and vindictive, but grossly inconsistent too. One wonders what is their motivation here. 

Would it be too much to expect them to abide by their own rules, as well as the law, and be consistent?

Monday, 26 September 2022

Not secret

 DZ reads today the following in the news.

"Russian President Vladimir Putin escaped to his secret palatial complex near Lake Valdai, halfway between Moscow and St Petersburg,"

And they even provide a picture of the place.

Not fucking secret then is it?!

Sex equality

 Firstly, DZ is aware that in the UK we have a long way to go before we achieve equality of employment between the sexes. But there is no doubt that some progress has been made. Within medicine, half of all medical students are now women, and all hospital specialities now have women consultants, even including such bastions of male exclusivity as orthopaedic surgery.

Outside medicine similar progress is being made with more female engineers, barristers, soldiers etc. DZ was recently on a flight where both airline pilots were women, and it occurred to him that the use of the word "cockpit" to describe the flight deck is becoming inaccurate.

 His wandering mind wondered if the term "clitpit" would be more appropriate. Using this word would also prevent hijackings, since most hijackers are men, and the clitpit is not something they would be able to find.

Sunday, 25 September 2022



DZ has delayed slightly writing this post to ensure that it is no longer 24th September anywhere in the world. Because apparently the mentally challenged loons who follow Q anon are convinced that there is going to be some major world event on that date. Unfortunately they can’t seem to agree on the nature of this event, though there are a number of suggestions. These ideas all seem to arise out of a slip of the tongue on the part of some German politician, and also a scenario in series 24, episode 9 of the Simpsons. Well it's now definitely 25th September, and nothing particularly world shaking has happened. It won’t stop them making other predictions, probably centering on children being held in pizza restaurant basements being venesectioned to provide blood for the world elite reptiles to drink. Strewth!

But it wouldn’t really matter if some world shaking event had happened, because another prediction, for today, the 25th, states that today is the day for the rapture, when all the righteous will be taken up to heaven prior to the end of the world. There is a theory that the use of lead in petrol, banned in the UK in 1999, is responsible for the mental derangement of large numbers of people, giving rise to the lunacy apparent in these ideas. But this would not explain the fact that people have been predicting dates for the end of the world for centuries. Invariably without success. DZ looks upon religious belief as a form of mental illness, and is by itself adequate explanation.

Still, the 25th isn’t over yet!

Sunday, 11 September 2022


 DZ has not planned on commenting on the death of the Queen. It's hardly a tragedy or a surprise when someone of her age dies. And while DZ had a degree of respect for her as an individual, he sees the monarchy itself as one of three bastions of anachronistic privilege that stands in the way of true progress in the UK, towards egalitarianism and fairness.

There is one aspect however of the timetable for the next week that seems not to have been considered. Our new PM has generously decided that the day of the funeral will be a bank holiday. Now the NHS closes down for bank holidays routinely, when only emergency care is provided. But we know when these dates are well in advance, so disruption is minimal. We don't even know yet, as I write, what the date is, though 19 September seems likely. 

What this means is that, once the date is announced, the NHS will have maybe a week to inform 18,000 patients that their surgical procedure is cancelled. And 360,000 patients that their out patient appointments are cancelled. All so we can bury a deceased old lady. DZ republican tendencies mean that he will not be watching the TV, and if asked, will gladly go to work if normal. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Dirty mind

 DZ has bought himself one of those machines for shredding garden waste. Mrs DZ has, as usual, expressed some apprehension about whether it will cause lost digits, but I've pointed out that the entrance slot will not admit a hand. However the entrance slot has caused me some amusement. This is it.

Thinking perhaps it's just my dirty mind at work I showed it to her, and a few other people. Everyone thought the same as I did. However my dirty mind was further titilated by this advice in the instruction booklet;

"Never insert anything into the exit hole".  Snark snark, nudge , wink!

Thursday, 1 September 2022

Going backwards


Scientific achievements in DZ lifetime.

1950s  Cardiac pacemaker invented.

1960s First man on the moon.

1970s Personal computers and floppy discs.

1980s DNA fingerprinting

1990s Hubble space telescope put into orbit.

2000s Gene editing.

2010s Effective HIV treatment.


And if that weren’t enough we have people opposing vaccination at the height of a lethal pandemic. And every day we have news headlines like this one.

If there are really aliens coming to Earth to observe, they must think we are dumb as fuck.