Monday, 17 July 2017


DZ was a little bemused to see this headline on an advert recently  "Stinging funeral costs avoided by canny over 65s" DZ fully anticipates avoiding funeral costs altogether by being dead. Very canny. It's like the ads you see on daytime TV. "Do you worry about how your loved ones will pay for your funeral?" No. I fucking don't. It'll be their problem won't it? It'll be nice, finally to see them pay for something. Currently the only way to get a drink out of one of my offspring is to stick your fingers down their throat. Or "Do you want to leave your loved ones something when you die?" No, I don't. I earned it & I'm going to fucking well spend it. And I'll be doing them a favour. If I leave nothing, they'll have nothing to fight over.

And to further irritate them I intend to hang on as long as possible