Wednesday, 24 February 2016

What a nice man.

This is Christopher Chope, Conservative MP for Christchurch. He is the one responsible for the proposed bill to exclude all health care professionals from the protections of the working time directive. He's also known as "Chopper" Chope, for his ruthless cutting of council spending whilst a councillor. He has also called for the abolition of the minimum wage, whilst in one year claiming £136,992 in expenses, for such essentials as repairing a sofa at a cost of £881. Fuck me, my entire suite didn't cost that much to buy. He's also campaigned to reintroduce National service, and the death penalty. See here for a fuller roundup of what sort of an MP he is.

What a prime cunt!


In all the furore over the junior doctors' contract something else rather nasty has been going on, very quietly, behind the scenes.

When the working time directive became law initially it excluded doctors. It's taken something of a struggle but this anomaly was eventually rectified.

Well, it looks as if the clock is about to be turned back.

So, so very glad I've retired. What next? A bill to call up retired doctors and force them to work?

Article 4

Just a thought here, but doesn't imposing a contract on workers without their consent or agreement constitute forced labour? If so it's a breach of article 4 of the Human Rights Act. "A person is subjected to forced labour when the person does not voluntarily consent to perform work but does so because of threats made, either physical or psychological."
It seems to fit the bill to me. After all Hunt in attempting to pave the way to a return to exploitative work practices, is trying to force us to perform work we haven't consented to. Not exactly slavery I know, but the thin end of the wedge?

Thursday, 11 February 2016


Occasionally the GMC get's it right. Although when you read what this guy did it's difficult to see how anyone could have come to a different conclusion. Quite a catalogue of misdemeanours. A shame the media make a big thing over whose brother he is, which is entirely irrelevant. He got what he deserved entirely by himself.

Bring it on indeed

DZ expressed a sentiment in his last post that seems to be shared

"Screw you Jeremy Hunt. ................. Well you've picked a fight with the wrong crowd. Go on, announce imposition, and just see what the most resilient, driven, passionate, intelligent group of people in Britain do next. Bring it on."

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Another man with his head up his arse.

This is Chris Hopson, the chief executive of NHS Providers, which represents over 90 per cent of NHS Trusts. He it is who has stated“If the BMA won’t accept a fair and reasonable offer then, yes, it is legitimate and sensible for the Secretary of State to consider imposition.”
So who's to decide what constitutes a "fair and reasonable offer"? In his mind I think that that decision would fall to people like him, and Jeremy Hunt.
DZ worked in the NHS back in the days when there were no safeguards for doctors when it came to working hours and remembers working work patterns which were grossly exploitative and dangerous. It has taken us many years to rectify that situation to a point when safeguards do now exist, though various governments resisted strongly along the way. Remember, when the working hours directive first became law doctors had special treatment. It didn't apply to them.
So having won these safeguards, weak as they are, against exploitation and servitude, Hunt now wants to abolish them. Now why would anyone want to do that do you suppose?
So what is Hopson's experience working in the NHS. Well prior to his present position he was a glorified tax collector. And before that he worked for independent television. So he's obviosly well qualified for his present job, pontificating about how to run the NHS, and riding roughshod over the staff.
I don't know how much he is paid for his invaluable contribution, but judging from the chins cascading over his oversized shirt collar I imagine it's substantial. And I don't suppose he works Saturdays either.
This ignorant fat lardbucket has no insight at all into the determination of, not just the medical profession, but all the others working in the NHS who stand to get screwed if the doctors, the first domino, fall.
Ok then Hopson, you utter prick, and Hunt you mendacious bell end. Impose a contract. And we'll see what happens shall we?