Tuesday, 19 August 2014

No change, no point

One of DZ slight worries about the NHS is that, the way things are going, it will finally turn into a fully privatised bag of shit just about the time he is likely to start needing it. At the moment I am in good health but inevitably that will change one day. In the meantime I steer well clear of my GP. Went once about two years ago just to have my ears syringed and ended up having the third degree as my GP went about ticking his boxes. Listen boys. When I have a problem rest assured I'll come & see you about it.

When I say I'm in good health, that's almost completely true. I do have Type 2a hyperlipidaemia, or familial high cholesterol, and my serum level of 8 seems to agitate my GP somewhat, and his futile efforts to get me on statins get to be verging on the hysterical.

Still, it does place a certain nagging doubt. So when I stumbled across this site I thought I would give it a try, much in the same spirit as the numerous pointless quizes you find on facebook. And apparently my risk of having a cardiovascular event in the next ten years is just 12%. Not bad really for someone my age. You have the option at the end of having a revision of risk assuming you rectify your risk factors and I thought I'd check that & see. So If I go onto long term statins and reduce my cholesterol what is my revised risk. Still 12% apparently.