Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Sycophancy towards the monarchy in Britain is as strong as ever it was. The Prince of Wales, for example, has long had a reputation for unopposed interference in various areas and medicine is no exception as this article highlights.
But today. There is some fuss over comments made about Kate Middleton by Hilary Mantel. Can't say I'm particularly interested either way. Inevitably some have sprung to Ms Middleton's defence. Fair enough. But let's not get carried away. One of her defenders I heard tonight on TV describe Ms Middleton as “a perfect mother” Correct me if I'm wrong but she's not actually going to be a mother, perfect or otherwise, till July. What an arselicker.


A Christian telling an Atheist he is going to Hell is about as scary as a small child telling an adult they won't get any presents from Santa.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Willing slaves

A lot is emerging at the moment in the media, in which management are being targeted as being responsible for poor care in various trusts. This is one such article in, which the medical consultants are portrayed as victims of a bullish and ruthless pressure to do extra sessions against their will. Doctors being subjected to slave labour conditions. 

Well I'm sorry but that's not my recollection. I think what they are talking about here is waiting list initiative sessions. The article doesn't mention the £500 plus that surgeons and anaesthetists used to get for these sessions or the unseemly scramble for these sessions that went on by those doctors eager to profit.
While it is true that aggressive management are in no small part to blame let's not forget that many of our colleagues fully co-operated in a naked quest for self enrichment and self advancement.
If subjected to close scrutiny, we are not going to come out of this squeaky clean.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Francis report

Regular followers of my blog may be expecting me to comment on the report on Staffordshire Hospitals, but I'm not going to for two reasons.

Firstly other bloggers, especially those on my list to the right have already done an excellent job and I don't think anything I could write is likely to add significantly. Suffice to say that I agree with them entirely.

Secondly I had my say in May 2010 in three posts entitled "accountability", much of which has been echoed in Francis.

The underlying problems will not be addressed. Care will continue to deteriorate. A few scapegoats will be sacrificed, and I notice already that that twat Cameron is calling for doctors involved to be struck off, as if that would achieve anything.

Those of us of an age where we are likely to need the NHS in the next twenty years may be better off just getting ourselves a suicide pill.

Friday, 1 February 2013


In my last but one post I included a link to one of my favorite web sites, the Encyclopedia of American Loons. The specific page I linked too actually referred to a Brit and this has drawn some criticism in the comments section. It would be a shame if the page were to be removed because the subject is not American. We could well do with a similar site on British loons. I've searched the web and can't find any Brit equivalent. You could call it "Gaviiformes"

What is needed is for someone anonymous to start writing resumes of the greatest loons, past and present, in Britain. Someone who is no respecter of persons, someone who can be rude, scathing, sarcastic and doesn't give a shit. A cage rattler.

Now, who shall I start with?