Wednesday, 30 November 2022


 Last year's census for England and Wales has revealed some very interesting trends in the area of religious observance, as is covered very well in this article.

DZ sees the two main points as, first, a rapidly advancing move to a secular population, and second, within those who practice religion, an increasing diversity. Also, even those who describe themselves as "christian" are not all members of the church of England.-

Bearing these two points in mind is it not long overdue that the UK should disestablish itself from the Anglican church? That religion should be separated from the state, and that the bishops should be removed from the house of lords?  Not forgetting of course that the house of lords is itself an insult to the concept of democracy.

While the present government is unlikely to disturb the status quo, Mr Starmer is a more hopeful prospect, as is seen here and here.

Worth considering.

Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Why so coy?

 DZ has today come across this article in "the Independent" today. It talks about an increase in the incidence of oral cancer over the last 10 years, and particularly the increased incidence in young people. DZ actually knows what the increased incidence is due to, but the newspaper doesn't mention it explicitly. It mentions smoking, which has declined over the relevant time period, and alcohol, but the newer cause they skirt around. It's referred to as "lifestyle factors", which is not very helpful. Also they briefly mention Human Papilloma Virus, but don't elaborate.

They have completely failed in their duty to educate the public in a display of ridiculous prudishness, totally unbecoming a modern news outlet. Presumably they think that if they specify what exactly they're talking about there will be an epidemic of pearl clutching among their readers.

DZ is not so inhibited. What we are talking about here is (gasp) Oral Sex! There, I've said it! Clutch away.