Friday, 5 November 2021

Bat shit insane

DZ has commented before about how extraordinary levels of stupidity do not seem to inhibit the ability of US citizens to attain high office.
Well it should come as no surprise that ordinary US people are capable of equal, if not greater depths of intellectual impairment.
The old, and superb, Disney film Snow White has a scene where the dwarf Grumpy is exhibiting a strong streak of misogyny, claiming that women are full of "wicked wiles". When one of the other dwarves asks him to explain what "wicked wiles" are he responds "I dunno. But I'm agin 'em". Well sometimes truth reflects fiction.

Lets be fair. It wouldn't take long to find similar levels of ignorance among the UK population. But I defy anyone to find anything as absolutely insane and deranged as this.

Ideocracy is here already!