Tuesday, 10 May 2022


 Back in 2010, shortly after DZ started this blog he wrote a post on "telehealth". He was not enthusiastic, and still isn't despite the fact that it seems to be taking off in the UK. There is no doubt that telehealth has come into it's own during the covid pandemic, but with the steady decline in new daily cases and prevalence DZ sees no reason why this should carry on replacing face to face care. And reading this article from the lancet points out that, in Rheumatology at least, the disadvantages of telehealth predicted by DZ 12 years ago have been born out. 

Perhaps I should start doing the lottery.

Of course, it's always possible that I'm being an old fashioned boomer. An old dog unwilling to learn new tricks. I remember a colleague some years ago suggesting that I seek employment at the Natural History Museum in London. When I asked why she said "You'd be right at home with all the other dinosaurs."