Wednesday, 14 August 2019

GMC inconsistency.

When I made that little dig about the GMC in my last post I had no idea I was commenting on the tip of the iceberg. Researching that post I came across this article about the Hospital, North Devon, Where Dr Thomson worked. In the last couple of years two of their consultants have been convicted  of sexual offences. As I commented Dr Thomson does not appear to be of concern to the GMC, and neither do these two consultants.

In a previous post I commented on a GMC case in which a Consultant was pursued, and suspended for doing something that he had every right to do. The GMC fully admitted that the doctor in question was to be unlawfully deprived of his rights under the human rights act in order to be disciplined, as if they were perfectly entitled to do that. What he did was certainly not unlawful. And yet the same GMC doesn't seem to be inclined to pursue a paediatrician convicted of possessing child pornography.

Is it not reasonable to expect a little consistency? Competence? Propriety? Of course not. This is the GMC after all. 

Medical Directors

In the 40 plus years that DZ has worked in the NHS, he has met and interacted with a fair few Medical Directors. They were all individuals in their own right, but one thing they all had in common. They were, without exception, self serving, grasping, selfish, untrustworthy, overambitious egocentric cunts, with less than average abilities in the medical or managerial fields. I've no doubt there are some good ones out there, but I've never met one. I've commented on this blog about some of the worst, such as a prior MD in Pontefract, described by a court judge as a "self confessed liar". I see another one of the little shits has made the headlines.

Bearing in mind he has now left two separate MD positions after allegations of "intimidation and bullying" (Par for the course for MDs in my experience), and "unprofessional behaviour", one wonders why the GMC doesn't seem to be involved. Birds of a feather I suppose.