Sunday, 23 April 2017

Vital 3 scam

It's quite a while since DZ posted on yet another scam product, or anything for that matter, so what's prompted him to take to the keyboard again over this scam product?
These things pop up so often these days  I hardly notice them. If the punters out there don't know how this scam works by now then I'm beginning to think I'm pissing into the wind.
So what caught my eye on this one?
Is it the audacity of the claims presented, and the pseudo scientific crap purported to be behind it?  No.
Is it the lack of any evidence presented? Although clinical trials are mentioned no links or references are provided. All there is is lots (and lots) of anecdotes. Which may or may not be genuine. No. Nothing unusual there.
Is it the statement tucked away in a corner of the site."These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
** Individual results may vary."
Is it the qualifications of the guy no doubt making a great deal of money out of this scam,  Dr. Eugene R. Zampieron, Licensed Naturopathic Physician and authority on chronic pain, a "doctor of naturopathic medicine"? Not actually a doctor then. No, pretty standard fare.
Is it the ubiquitous nature of the advertising lead in on the web, or the swamping of google with links to the site? No, again nothing notable.
And the statement "your credit card will be automatically debited" is the absolute signature of the fact you're about to be screwed financially.
How about the ingredients? This sums it up nicely.

So what was it that attracted DZ to this particular unremarkable scam? Well call me a juvenile, but one of the adds features a picture of a knee joint. Perhaps it's just me, but at first glance it looks to me like a pair of tits.