Tuesday, 24 January 2023


 That last post was titled "Back to free speech" for a reason. It was post number 1000 on this blog since starting it in April 2010. And what was post number one about? Freedom of speech of course.

Back to free speech

 DZ does not generally advocate the burning of books. Having said that, if someone buys an item it is then their property, and they are perfectly at liberty to destroy it, by burning, or otherwise. It shouldn't be anyone else's business. 

But it's no surprise that if the book in question is a religious tome, and it's burned in public, then that is going to cause some sort of backlash. Particularly in some of the more regressive, fundamentalist countries where such an act would be called blasphemy, and might even attract judicial execution.

The problem is that the "faithful" have this bizarre idea that this sort of oppression should be applied in more civilised liberal countries, as is seen in this case.

Lets take this article step by step. 

First and foremost, those complaining don't seem to understand that it's perfectly legal to criticise religions in the west. Indeed most countries have laws protecting freedom of speech and religions are not given a special pass. "Blasphemy" is not a crime in Sweden.

The Saudi foreign ministry is quoted as “calling for the importance of spreading the values of dialogue, tolerance and coexistence, and rejecting hatred and extremism,” 

This from a nation that is third in the list of those that executes  it's own citizens including children and the mentally ill.

An institution calling itself the "Arab parliament" has also weighed in calling for“total rejection of such disgraceful acts, which are considered a violation of all international laws" They don't seem to care that the "international laws" they desire don't actually exist. But they do seem to live in a fantasy world. They're most vociferous in their condemnation of the European Parliament when that body criticise human rights abuses in Arab countries

The Arab parliament also has  "called on the international community to assume its responsibilities and enact laws and legislation that criminalizes insulting religious sanctities and provides the necessary protection for Muslims in practicing their religious rites on an equal basis with all other religions."

Now firstly DZ does not understand how someone burning a book in any way curtails the ability of others to practice their religion. Could it possibly be that fundamentalists of all religions see it as part of their religion that they should be allowed to shove it down the throats of sceptics and secularists?

And as for "criminalising insulting religious sanctities". They really don't get it do they?

In case people think that I am particularly directing my comments at Islam I'd like to reassure that I regard all religions equally. With equal contempt.

Tuesday, 10 January 2023

Annnnnd.............another one.

 Another what, you ask. Yet another instance of a doctor who, over a period of years committed such a massive series of sexual assaults that he had to be brought to court from prison, where he is serving three life sentences already, to have another two added.

And throughout those years he was being appraised regularly, like a good boy. I expect he forgot to mention his practices on his form.

He was caught by the old fashioned way that most bad doctors are caught, by police complaints by his victims, and concern from his colleagues. The appraisal system played no part in his apprehension whatsoever.

What on Earth is it actually for?