Thursday, 18 January 2018


Those who have followed my blog for any length of time will be aware of my feelings on freedom of speech. The concept is constantly under attack and has to be constantly defended. Governments don't like it, though most democracies would not dare diminish it. But companies, individuals and organisations, including the GMC, repeatedly try to stamp on it, and rely on financial or authoritarian muscle to bully their way over the right to freedom of speech.

Practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine seem particularly aggrieved by freedom of speech. This is hardly surprising. When you profit by dishonesty, mendacity and fraud you hardly want anyone drawing attention to it now do you. The attempted silencing of Simon Singh by the British Chiropractic association is a good example.

Another recent example has recently come to light. I'm not going to go through the details, the link takes you to a fully comprehensive account.

It's notable that, an American quack is attempting to sue a German resident, who is being supported by an Australian sceptics association. It is also worth mentioning that Colleen Huber, or to give her her correct medical title, Colleen Huber, would almost certainly fall foul of the Cancer Act 1939 if she were to make her ludicrous claims in the UK.

Ms Huber also seems not to have taken into account the Streisand effect. Her actions have drawn her a great deal of adverse attention worldwide, and the fund set up to defend Ms Hermes has collected 54,000 dollars (Aus) in 4 days. A great many people have written a great deal about Ms Huber and her dodgy dealings.

DZ has never been one to hold back against these people. Colleen Huber's treatments are unsupported bilge. Her "research" and practice an utter disgrace. Her claims are distorted, exagerated, invented, fabricated and without foundation in fact or reality. In promoting her bogus treatments, and discouraging conventional treatments she is undoubtedly causing the premature deaths of many of her victims.

Colleen Huber

Ms Huber has produced a promotional video entitled "Cancer can be killed with Colleen Huber". Well, the only thing likely to be killed by Ms Huber is her unfortunate patients.