Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Banned! again

Federici, the ice cream company are in trouble again, and, after this add was banned recently they have now had another ad banned. The picture shown above was judged to be offensive to catholics. On the basis of just six complaints in the whole of the UK. If this is offensive what would they think of this.

The Advertising Standards Authority really has lost the plot. At least the picture shows two adults, who, whatever is inferred is about to happen, are consenting. Unlike this case which, coincidentally concerned a catholic priest by the name of Federici.

I have to say that of the images produced to advertise Federici ice cream this one does not do much for me. I much preferred that picture of the nun in the stocking tops.


  1. Your beliefs are your business, but, how do you deals with your religious patients and their wishes Dr Zorro?

  2. Strange question, my patients come to me for medical care, not religious advice. There is no reason why their religion should even be raised and I am unaware of the religious views of virtually all my patients. Those who require pastoral care while in hospital can get it from the chaplains dept.

    You might as well ask how my garage mechanic deals with my politics.

  3. Brilliant response Dr Zorro - very sharp! Don't always agree with what you say - but an exchange of opinion is the whole point of blogs! You make me smile!

    Anna :o]