Thursday, 19 April 2012

Revalidation bollocks

The revalidation juggernaut rumbles on, as coldly malicious to it’s opponents as the truck in the film “Duel”.

Grass roots opposition to this is now almost universal. Most of us can see what a pointless exercise this is and how absurd it is beginning to look. The absurdity is epitomised by the GMC recommendations on feedback. This is so obviously a waste of time, lots of time, but those idiots at the GMC can’t see it. True to form that fool Dickson is spouting enthusiastically about this. Isn’t it worrying that the GMC is run by a man so intellectually impaired that he actually thinks this is a good idea.

When it comes to feedback the data collected will be worthless for two simple reasons. Firstly feedback from the punters is almost always going to be positive, and I have commented on this before. Secondly, as for feedback from colleagues, would any of you out there actually drop one of your colleagues in the shit? If so that says more about you than the subject. And are you actually going to seek feedback from someone you don’t get on with? Or are you going to all get down the pub together, fill out your own forms and have your mates sign them?

Even the BMA is waking up to the appalling car crash that this is going to be and have expressed many very valid criticisms.

But the BMA don’t yet seem to have cottoned on to the fact that the profession could stop the whole process dead in it’s tracks, as I have explained before. Wake up you bastards, and send this truck over the cliff.

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  1. Duel eh! Long time since I watched that.

    Now, it is a great shame that no one bothers revalidating the GMC or its employees. If we acted as GMC employees do, our mortality rate would be exceed the Iraq War.