Thursday, 2 July 2015


Prior to 1987 child sex abuse did not exist. At least in the minds of the general public, successive governments and the medical profession, it didn't exist. In reality of course it was widespread. Also in reality great efforts were made to ignore it and suppress any mention of it. In his autobiography “This time next week” the author Leslie Thomas, orphaned during the war, describes how widespread it was in Barnardo's homes. It was ignored. When cases come to light now about child sex abuse prior to 1987, featuring various individuals, it is extraordinary how many people knew what was going on. Also extraordinary were the efforts made to keep it all brushed under the carpet. This enabled predators such as Saville to act, unimpeded, for years. And it allowed institutions such as the catholic church to facilitate the actions of the numerous paedophiles within it's ranks.

In 1987 all this changed. In that year two paediatricians at a Middlesborough hospital, Dr Marietta Higgs, and Dr Geoffrey Wyatt, reported 121 cases of child sex abuse to social services over a period of 4 months. Now, in retrospect, it is clear that the diagnosis was correct in the majority of cases. But at the time it was something society just didn't want to hear. There was a huge outcry. The two doctors were widely vilified, especially in the Daily Mail. Like other whistleblowers before and since they were turned on and viciously attacked. A government report, published a year later was a whitewash. Many abused children were returned to abusive households.

But the genie was out of the bottle. Society had now been forced to address an issue it would prefer to have ignored.

In 1994 Dr Higgs' employers found themselves in a dilemma. Due to the adverse publicity they felt that Dr Higgs position in Middlesborough was untenable, and that they could no longer allow her to work there. However she had actually done nothing wrong, so could not be dismissed. Their solution was to move her to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead, to take up a position as a neonatologist, with no duties related to child sex abuse. Dr Higgs was well respected within paediatric circles in the area, and the paediatric consultants in Gateshead were unanimous in welcoming her.

The rest of the Consultant body at Gateshead were not so welcoming. There was an immediate outcry among them, and strong opposition to the appointment expressed. At a bad tempered meeting of the senior staff committee the Paediatricians were openly berated and abused, in a shameful and disgusting display of mob mentality, led by a consultant general surgeon, coincidentally also called Higgs, though not related to Marietta. All they lacked at the meeting was pitchforks. A motion was proposed to demand of management that Ms. Higgs not be allowed to work at Gateshead. In a secret ballot on the motion only one non paediatric consultant voted with the paediatricians and against the mob. The appointment went ahead anyway.

Not just the medical profession but the whole of society owes Marietta Higgs a debt of gratitude that has never been acknowledged. She forced a society that didn't want to know to accept that child sex abuse did not just exist, but was common.. She prised open the unwilling eyes of society to an evil that it did not want to see. As a result of this the Children's Act was passed in 1998. Once the problem was acknowledged, only then could it be addressed, and to this day historic child sex abuse cases continue to be unearthed, often involving high profile individuals. Children in the UK, and arguably beyond, are safer today because Drs Higgs and Wyatt had the courage of their convictions.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


"“God told me to do it” is simply not an acceptable replacement for moral reasoning"

                                   Donald Symons

Friday, 26 June 2015


Northern Ireland is now the only part of the British Isles where LGBT people can't get married, and two ladies who live there are testing this stance in the courts.

 These two have pioneered before, being the first Lesbian couple in the UK to enter into a civil union.

At that time the local religious bigots (and ulster has more than it's fair share of them) protested at the venue.

Apparently they held up placards proclaiming "sodomy is sin". Bearing in mind that "sodomy" is usually taken to mean anal intercourse, leads me to the view that these people don't quite understand the nature of a lesbian sexual relationship.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Spot the difference

"Calfwit Hunt"..................I quite like that.
So which of the above two do you suppose is more deserving of being turned into veal?

Thank fuck for that!!

We can all breathe a sigh of relief as the prospect of that utter loon Tredinnick chairing the health select committee sinks into the mist. He lost out to Dr Sarah Wollaston by ten to one.

DZ is nonetheless concerned that this utter buffoon actually got 64 votes. That's 64 members of parliament so utterly scientifically illiterate and pathologically stupid that they thought Tredinnick an appropriate choice. Dr Wollaston has been known to deviate from the party line on NHS matters and this may be the reason why some MPs voted against her. Either way it demonstrates the contempt with which some MPs view the medical profession.

Although the numbers of votes are in the public domain I don't know if we're allowed to know the identities of those MP's who voted for Tredinnick. I for one would love to know who's on that list. In particular I'd love to know which way that calfwit Hunt voted.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, (MERS) is a disease DZ had never heard of till today. I suspect not many other doctors have heard of it either, as it was only first described 3 years ago. There has been something of an outbreak of it lately and the WHO are taking it very seriously. Worldwide there's been a staggering 8 cases.

So, what vital advice are the WHO giving to people to help safeguard them from this condition? Apparently we are advised we MUST NOT drink camel urine!!!!

Oh fukkit, that puts a spoiler on my entire weekend!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Another man with his head up his arse

This is Dr Dan Poulter. He is medically qualified, but has spent precious little time working as a doctor, having been a politician most of his working life.

So why is DZ of the opinion that he's a twat? Could it be that he has wholeheartedly supported the Tory party in their every ill informed interference with the NHS? He has, but that's not the reason. Could it be because he's been deeply involved with every hostile act against the medical profession brought in by the government? Every deterioration in pay, pensions and  conditions he totally supported. Again, not the reason, though certainly true. Could it be because he is a supporter of the hated and stupid concept of revalidation? No, though that would be enough. Is it because he's a self aggrandising liar. No, not even that.

The reason DZ thinks this man is a worthless waste of protein is because of a recent act of supreme folly. An act which indicates he's both dangerously ignorant, and contemptuous of his own profession. What this utter fuckwit has done is to nominate this man as a candidate for chairman of the House of Commons Health Select Committee. Is he taking the piss?!