Wednesday, 14 August 2019

GMC inconsistency.

When I made that little dig about the GMC in my last post I had no idea I was commenting on the tip of the iceberg. Researching that post I came across this article about the Hospital, North Devon, Where Dr Thomson worked. In the last couple of years two of their consultants have been convicted  of sexual offences. As I commented Dr Thomson does not appear to be of concern to the GMC, and neither do these two consultants.

In a previous post I commented on a GMC case in which a Consultant was pursued, and suspended for doing something that he had every right to do. The GMC fully admitted that the doctor in question was to be unlawfully deprived of his rights under the human rights act in order to be disciplined, as if they were perfectly entitled to do that. What he did was certainly not unlawful. And yet the same GMC doesn't seem to be inclined to pursue a paediatrician convicted of possessing child pornography.

Is it not reasonable to expect a little consistency? Competence? Propriety? Of course not. This is the GMC after all. 

Medical Directors

In the 40 plus years that DZ has worked in the NHS, he has met and interacted with a fair few Medical Directors. They were all individuals in their own right, but one thing they all had in common. They were, without exception, self serving, grasping, selfish, untrustworthy, overambitious egocentric cunts, with less than average abilities in the medical or managerial fields. I've no doubt there are some good ones out there, but I've never met one. I've commented on this blog about some of the worst, such as a prior MD in Pontefract, described by a court judge as a "self confessed liar". I see another one of the little shits has made the headlines.

Bearing in mind he has now left two separate MD positions after allegations of "intimidation and bullying" (Par for the course for MDs in my experience), and "unprofessional behaviour", one wonders why the GMC doesn't seem to be involved. Birds of a feather I suppose.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Career plan

After a long time quiet, this is my second post in a day. Whatever next?

DZ has recently revalidated, almost certainly for the last time. Regular readers here will not be surprised by my lack of enthusiasm or respect for the process, which has not abated. In particular I am amused, frustrated, and offended even by the pre-occupation with the "Personal Development Plan". DZ is now well past the age at which, all but the most tenacious of doctors will have retired, but still working at a level only those other kindred spirits with two avaricious ex wives could understand. My PDP revolves solely around retirement before death. The only "development" that might prick up his interest is possibly one of these.

But then, that might lead him back again down the very path that got him to his present predicament.

There is no shortage of work though. The long standing chronic shortage of Consultants has now been massively exacerbated by the total clusterfuck over pension contribution taxation, which has caused seniors to drop extra work, and even take early retirement. DZ is turning down over 70% of work offered and still working up to 60 hours a week. A bit like the old days of being a "junior doctor". You would have thought that the powers that be might finally have cottoned on that taking doctors from their work to spend days pointlessly naval gazing, or "reflecting" as they call it, is a luxury they can't afford or justify. But I'm not going to hold my breath.


DZ is going to say something that, in the past, he would have said was so unacceptable, so appalling, so vile, so ignorant, so utterly beyond the bounds of decency, that he could not have contemplated articulating. But circumstances change in ways that could not perhaps have been foreseen.

So here goes.

I sincerely hope that the upcoming leadership election for the conservative party is won by Jeremy fucking Hunt!
The shame of it!

Wednesday, 22 May 2019


And the international prize for the stupidest, most ignorant man on the planet goes, by a massive margin, to this man.

Representative John Becker of Ohio

For his proposal that ectopic pregnancies could be removed, and reimplanted into the uterus.
Clearly a man so stupid he would be considered inadequate for the job of village idiot in a Norfolk village

Friday, 10 May 2019


I suspect many of you, like DZ have been noticing with stunned amazement the extraordinary and bizarre goings on across the Atlantic. Not content with electing a President who is clearly intellectually subnormal, dangerous and deranged, they have an entire political party that seems to have lost it's collective mind, morals and shame. Add to that the fact that about a third of the population seems to be perfectly happy with living in this asylum.

Encouraged by this dysfunctional environment the religious right, loons to a man are, frantically trying to alter the country in the most damaging way to it's citizens in a clear attempt at dominionism hoping to take the USA back to the sort of religious fundamental tyranny that their forefathers came to the continent to escape.

Nothing could illustrate this more than the war than seems to be waged against womens' reproductive rights. State after state seems to be passing more and more laws designed to take away, almost overnight the rights that have taken decades to win.

So deranged are some of these laws that those who pass them are clearly lost in their own world of misogynist hateful ignorance that they don't even pause to contemplate whether the laws they are passing are even feasible. My favourite here is the package of laws passed in Ohio, one of which mandates that ectopic pregnancies must be removed from the fallopian tube and REIMPLANTED IN THE UTERUS???!!!. WTFFF? Did it not occur to them to get some advice from the medical profession on this one. The ignorance and stupidity here is beyond comprehension. And these are the people in charge. In a country that has a Constitution that separates church and state.

Fuck me sideways! It puts Brexit into perspective.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Giving to the rich

Now, before I start, don't get me wrong. I think that the burning down of Notre Dame cathedral is a great loss despite my lack of religious gullibility.

But there is one thing that makes me queasy.
I have no idea how much it will cost to rebuild, restore or replace the building. But I note that already a fund raising campaign has been started. And I have no doubt that the French government will pitch in too.
But, correct me if I'm wrong, but the cathedral was(is) the property of the Roman Catholic Church. The total worth of this institution is impossible to calculate, but certainly runs into hundreds of billions of pounds.

So why is an organisation so hypocritically wealthy accepting charitable donations to rebuild something they could easily afford to fund themselves. It's a shame they couldn't have spared a few euros to at least insure the place.
Perhaps I'm being unfair. Maybe they are having to put aside huge sums of cash for other purposes.
Like compensating all the victims of their abuse over the years.