Friday, 27 April 2012


I was astounded to see this headline in “Hospital Doctor”. I wondered how rectal examinations could cost that much, surely rubber gloves are cheap. It seems though that they are talking about Public Relations.
Methinks the lady is left handed!


  1. Good one. Zorro you are very talented. The point is, rubber gloves are in constant use, in significant quantity, when diarrhoea bug spreads. Such bug spreads through cells as we know, especially when the function is shared in private and professional environment.

    And now something not exactly funny.
    I was sitting in a waiting room, people around, some professor adjacent. Took nothing to read with me and was doomed to pick up something that mom would never wear. Browsing, browsing, a lovely lady, this one from the ad about tummy loving care, activia. You Zorro might be short in info from news at times, I know, but let's continue anyway. The lady is getting married. Lucky chap... shortened his surname. On the grounds of stardom. On the grounds of spreading stardom. Downwards. The source of stardom is particularly inventive in bleaching his..., well let's not go there, rectal examinations cost a lot.

    So much from reading rubbish.

    1. Don't get me wrong Z, I don't think this Bible Belt Boy is capable of any wrongdoing. He cares a lot. I only used moronic powers to little extent, enough to trigger this high anxiety individual's response. Although poor auntie was left in distress, which I'm not particularly proud of.
      The boy is sort of a person who blows his nose publically into textile napkins at my cost, gosh, I banished myself from the lovely place for quite a time purely out of embarrasment.

      No need for overdoing it.

  2. Re "Don't get me wrong Z",........Does anyone have any idea what anon is talking about?

  3. Leperhosen does :-) Thanks you old old old Leperhosen. Have some oinment, str8 from the heart.

    Z, I swear, can't you see obvious things? You have tendency to overdo it.

  4. It was Leppie who picked the right puzzle. Time to change your nick.

  5. No idea babe

    Looking up vogon poetry now

  6. you're more like éclair babe; have you found that music I asked you for ages ago? Der... Di... Das...

    /Zorro is puzzled to such a degree he's capable of throwing a party for us/

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    1. Uhhh yea, we're waiting for link to Zorro's bold fonted whining: 'How internet ruined my life'.

      /I had to./
      Gives me thrills as cheap suspense.

      Plus: I sometimes write backwards, take the sample and read it using mirror. This proves nothing. I'm ready to die for my righthandedness.

      'Love and marriage, love and marriage,
      It's an institute you can't disparage.
      Ask the local gentry and they will say it's elementary.'