Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Another man with his head up his arse??

Another blogger has highlighted some odd goings on regarding this article in the Telegraph. As Julie points out the article is not particularly remarkable. The author of the article, Max Pemberton, has made some very valid points and expressed his opinion, as he has every right to do. If it is true that Richard Branson has tried to stop this being published then that is outrageous. The media have come in for a lot of, quite justified, criticism recently over the phone hacking scandal, but the freedom of the press is something that safeguards us all.

It is bad enough being deceived, cheated, lied to and robbed of the NHS. Are we going to have to put up with being gagged as well?

The Telegraph is a big boy in the world of newspapers. It is quite capable of defending itself, and I think it pretty unlikely that the article will disappear. But if it does, I’ve got a copy.


  1. It's a worrying development, Dr Z. But at least we've got the internet - he can't stop all of us.

  2. Check out Richard Branson and Branson Pickle, the Virgin Whistleblower once had a lot to say b4 Branson decided that no one should hear it.

    Secondly, Virgin healthcare is sponsoring Patient Association [ backed up by Phil Hammond]. Patient Association is involved in advising on NHS policy directly or indirectly.