Monday, 16 April 2012


Another blogger, the angry medic I think, recently remarked how he occasionally looks at the search words people enter into google that bring them to his blogg. I’ve never really noticed this but over the course of a few weeks I have been looking. Among others these search terms have appeared;

     Mature hairy
     Enlarged clit
     oops tits
     anal dilatation
     boys spanking stories
     Naturist women beach

Don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


  1. Yes Dr Z, it was indeed me. My terms, however, were not as laugh-out-loud-spray-Coke-all-over-my-keyboard-inducing as yours (you owe me a new keyboard!)

    Thanks for the plug!

    1. Nothing 2 laugh about, it's actually tragic. Most tragic thing I've ever 'seen' in my life.

  2. U guys don't want to know the search terms for my blog. Its eye watering.........