Saturday, 28 April 2012


Relevant to all in the NHS who sometimes are not entirely happy with their work.


  1. Do not adjust your TV set: there is a fault with the broadcasting stations!

  2. Semantic error Zorro; every human being whether surrounded by other human beings or not has an ass hole. Semantic errors are pinta-s. Hard to detect, hard to debug. Wishes can never fill a sack.

    Never mind we like you anyway.

  3. Bloody hell! Imagine the lives we could save with this! Hang on, I'll call Google Scholar!

  4. Story with my neighbour (Eclair sorta knows what's what). So the Mongrel didn't know who made the complaint against him (and he never asked me anything). I sorta befriended him when he brought this dog of his. And obviously, the English way, he assumed I made the complaint, coz dog was/is howling and so on, and the Mongrel lives just above me. I don't even remember his name. Of course I know dog's name very well.
    Mongrel started barking under my door (literally). Mongrel, not the dog. He was also obnoxious on da sidewalk. Obviously I confronted him: 'what is your problem?' Blah blah blah. Blah. "I thought you were having a problem.' Guy was mumbling. Now we don't even speak with e/o.
    It was Kate B. who made that complaint. I don't know whose name she signed it with, but she's been suspiciously nice 2 me lately.
    She didn't tell me about making complaint of course, she lives under 80. But she started chatting with me ages ago, coz poor dog was howling. I say: well, he (Mongrel)won't give up his job, coz dog is howling! I'm not doing s*** about that. Dog is simply bored. Is fed, does not live in Battersea or else. Is walked by 2 people. Spends some time with Mongrel @ work.
    I wonder, how long it will take to that Mongrel to figure out what's what. Forever I guess. I'm not doing s*** to trace the name of the complaintant. Though I wouldn't be surprised seeing my own there. The English, do you ever speak with each other?

  5. A poster clearly aimed at describing NHS Managers. The last word is especially relevant to them.