Wednesday, 27 May 2015


This is Jeffrey Spector. He has reignited the ongoing debate on euthanasia and assisted dying in the UK. Reading the Telegraph article it is clear that he took his decision after long and careful thought. He had taken much time and effort to educate himself about his condition. He chose to insist on his autonomy and to take control of his life and death.
According to the Telegraph on line poll 86% of respondents believe we should all have that choice. Inevitably there are those who disagree. The BMA, succinctly described recently by Dr Rant as "as much use as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest", are firmly opposed to the concept of assisted dying. The GMC are a little less dogmatic, stating only "our guidance in Good Medical Practice is clear that doctors must adhere to the law" The implication being that if the law changed they might go along with it.
But there are those so opposed they would deny patients their autonomy for the sake of  their own philosophy, even claiming that those who wish to end their lives do not know their own mind. Dr Peter Saunders, who was not in any way involved with Mr Spector's care has been quoted as saying "“This tragic case illustrates the dangers of legalising assisted suicide or euthanasia in Britain.
“The vast majority of people with cancer or quadriplegia (which was a risk but not a present reality for this man) actually do not wish to kill themselves but rather want support and care to go on living as comfortably as possible for as long as possible”. 
What an extraordinarily arrogant and paternalistic statement. And, I believe, untrue. Dr Saunders also employs the classical "bait & switch" ploy, equating voluntary assisted dying with involuntary euthanasia, which he claims would be an inevitable development if the law was changed. Indeed on this website in his first paragraph opposing assisted dying he pulls a Godwin.
Dr Saunders is an evangelical christian, as is clear on the website. This fact, for me, raises a question. Why is it that those most opposed to assisted dying are those who believe most strongly in a better afterlife?

Gaviiformes Jevonii

Another in my occasional series of notable British loons.
There are sadly numerous people out there who entertain bizarre and absurd ideas. Everything from chemtrails, to homeopathy, and the various forms of quackery based on vitalism. I only bother to highlight them if they are particularly prominent people, or if they really are exceptional in the woo they present.
This is Graham Jevon, and he is exceptional. If you follow the link you'll see why. When I first encountered one of his posts I thought it was a Poe. But sadly it isn't. More pseodoscientific word salad per sentence than I've ever seen. Examples.
"Multi wave oscillator technology to correct your frequency and resonance"
"Bio Photon pull out physical and memorial toxins"
"We can also help assist in the correction of your DNA."
"We will scan your whole body right down to the Photons that create your DNA"
And that's just from one paragraph. So my DNA is created from photons? You learn something new every day.
But his main thrust is his anti vaccine stance. He claims to have discovered evidence that will shut down the vaccine industry in minutes, though he doesn't actually present it.
I can't decide whether this guy is a completely deranged loon who really believes all this stuff, or a cynical mercenary milking the type of people who tend to go for this sort of stuff. And there are plenty of them as you will see if you read some of the comments.  This one is fairly typical. "they (vaccines)  damage the heart centre (chakra) and it closes down, when we understand just how important the heart is, not as a blood pumping organ but as an energy field to transmit and receive information and connect us to the bigger picture" 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Darwin awards

Tomorrow is "Draw Mohammed Day".
DZ did not draw this image, he doesn't have that ability. This drawing was in fact the winner of the "draw Mohammed competition" held in Garland, Texas, at the beginning of May. This was a high profile event, and Geert Wilders was present. So anyone with half a brain would be able to predict that there would be a high security presence. Also this is the USA, where many ordinary citizens are prepared, nay eager, to have a go. And specifically this was Texas, where a third of the populace owns guns, and many of them have permits to carry concealed firearms in public.
So when two islamic fundamentalists decided to attack the exhibition, using automatic rifles, what did they think was going to happen? Sure enough they were both dead within seconds of firing their first shots, and didn't get more than a few yards from their car. Well deserved Darwin awards.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

More of a squeak

I have on occasion been a little unkind to the BMA. But they can still come up with some good ideas, such as this one, aimed at the new government

"for the government to fund NHS capital projects directly and to renegotiate existing PFI contracts to ensure a better deal for the nation, bringing our hospitals back into public ownership"

The question of course is whether or not the government will take any notice.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Spot the difference

Some might think that my choice of photo for the post about George Galloway was a little incongruous. Using a picture of orthodox jews to illustrate a criticism of moslems. But it was quite deliberate. Let's compare & contrast.

Monotheistic religion.
Seriously hung up about sex
Ritual mutilation of little boys' dicks.
Contempt for unbelievers, (Kuffars)
Wierd dietary restrictions
Preservation of facial hair.

Orthodox judaism;
Monotheistic religion.
Seriously hung up about sex
Ritual mutilation of little boys' dicks.
Contempt for unbelievers, (Goyim)
Wierd dietary restrictions
Preservation of facial hair.

So different aren't they


Oh bollocks!

Poor loser

I see that George Galloway has decided to try and overturn an 11,000 vote majority against him by taking legal action against Naz Shah, the new MP in his old constituency. What surprises me is, if you look at the comments to the article, how much support there is for him, and vitriol for Ms Shah. But then perhaps I shouldn't be so surprised. A lot of his supporters subscribe to a religion which has very strong views on the proper position of women in society. And a woman being in a position of authority is anathema to these people. Good old mysogeny, alive & well in Bradford.

Pleeeeeeeze Mr Cameron

As of this moment the PM has announced most of his new cabinet, but so far no mention of who is going to be health minister.
Please please please............get rid of this tosser.

Saturday, 9 May 2015


re my last post...................................
An' when ah were there mah on call room were 'ole in't ground coovered wi' tarpaulin.


DZ once worked in a NHS hospital where he was one of a department of 6 Consultants. I've recently seen an ad for a new consultant in the same place where the new appointee would be an extra in a department of 24 (!) consultants. Twenty fucking four? Has the workload increased by 400%? If so where do they physically do all this work? If not what do the buggers do all day? I recall being fully occupied but not massively overworked.
Bloody whippersnappers today! Lazy fuckers don't know they're born.


Buy this now. In case it gets banned

Perhaps he'll follow up with "The adventures of Mrs Mohammed, (aged six and a half)"

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Freedom of speech again

Freedom of speech

I wish I had a pound for every time I encounter cases where people just don't get it when it comes to freedom of speech. Like this guy.

He has said.
“I am not against freedom of expression, everybody has the right to their own views.
“However, respect is more important.”

Actually Mr Arif, no it isn't. Freedom of speech is a legal right. Respect isn't. You have no legal right to respect for yourself or your beliefs.

I think the labour party's response was remarkably civil. I'd have told him to stick his blasphemy law up his arse.