Tuesday, 24 April 2012


A recent conversation between DZ and a colleague in another  speciality.

DZ...”I read recently that it is estimated that, in the UK, there is now more money spent annually on prostitutes than on going to the cinema. Mind you I suppose that a tart costs a lot more than the cinema.”

Coll...”I wouldn’t know, I haven’t been to the cinema in years”


  1. True true, my bro says his patients never have the money, because they spent them on prostitutes. They (patients) usually instruct him where to go, 'only 35 dollars'. Average age of his patients is around 60. He prescribes them viagra as well. Dear GOD!

  2. Colleagues? Screw that, I know medical students who used to go to Soho on weekends, and not for the GUM clinics!

    Although that may have been a side-effect of going to Imperial, a university known for its, uh, 'virgin jungles'. Cough.

  3. Err, doubt that v.much. Sneeze.

  4. Never been to a prostitute myself of course. I have never understood men who do like a bit of the Belle Du Jour but then they are rather sexual in nature and need to feel that kind of power. Hopefully, guys in this world may be created to be decent kind human beings capable of giving those they love the best time of their lives in and out of bed. Sadly, we have become a technology led society, where sex is sold by the gallon for a quick fix for a climax. Anyone floating around Facebook will realise that its basically a pick-up joint.

    Anyway, sex largely rules the world today. Sad but true. And men who tart around really have sold themselves much like Dorian Gray once did.

    Sorry for the life lecture...... just fed up of the kind of men hovering on earth these these days. I think most need to get a life and some need to get a grip - preferably not of my cleavage thankyou!