Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Perverts, update

Further to my last post a new search phrase has brought someone to DZ blog today. "are nurses easy lays?" I don't quite know why google thinks I would have the answer. Perhaps one or two of my readers would know. How about you Grumpy, are you an easy lay?


  1. Hell yes, but my wife won't let me.

    Actually, after all the years we have been together she just shakes her head now which isn't too bad but it's the quiet little snigger that gets to me.

  2. I...I'm trying to say something witty about how your blog name has something to do with banging nurses.

    Maybe some reader out there wants to poke nurses with his swo-- no, that doesn't work.

    Uhm...some readers want to ride a nurse off into the sunset, eh, winkwinknudgenu-- nah that's bad too.

    Make their Z-mark on their nurses with their big swor-- you know what? I'll just shut up now.

  3. Of course nurses are easy lays, uneven workload, night shifts. Classic. But the 'worst' are male gynaecologists I swear. Not that I've ever tried, but my friend did. She was absolutely delighted. I'm surely gay gynae-wise, no doubt, plus an idiot. I say.

  4. For crying outloud - let me answer this.

    Nurses are easy lays. YES YES YES........... [ Meg Ryan moment there]

    Never seduced one myself but I know lots of doctors who have successfully done it.