Wednesday, 9 November 2011


A question that must go through every bloggers mind is “why am I doing this?” I suppose there are as many different answers to that as there are bloggers. Occasionally though you get a little unanticipated reward that makes the effort worthwhile.

One of the free services I get with this blog is a stats package, so I can see how many view my posts, and where they come from. This is a two edged sword as it can reveal periods of disinterest. Also you sometimes get a surprise with very high numbers, that turn out to be referrer spam, and thus illusory.

My second most viewed post of all time is this one where I wrote about scams, with the post specifically about the Finitro Forte scam not far behind. This is quite gratifying. If just one person of all those who have viewed these posts has been deterred from giving his credit card details over then that would make all the effort worthwhile. I do hope that there are one or two out there who have not been swindled as a result of what I wrote. The thought there might be gives me a nice feeling of satisfaction.

This post is still a long way behind my most popular post of all time. I don’t suppose I can finish without saying which one that is. Perhaps it says a lot about those who view my blog, but my most popular post to date has been that picture of a little boy giving jesus a blow job.


  1. In reference to your 'most popular post'.

    Whatever happened to Sam? Have not heard from him in a while. You or I must have said something to offend him.

  2. If the picture of Jesus did well, how about the follow up to the french satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, after all love overcomes hate...;charlie-hebdo-l-amour-plus-fort-que-la-haine-vraiment.html

  3. Grumpy. Sam pops up now and again, usually commenting anonymously. I recognise his style and he is the one I now call George. He last commented on my post "ignorance" 19 September. To be fair to George he has at least principals and is mostly civil, certainly when compared to some of the trolls out there, such as cybertiger, who afflicts Dr Aust.

    Charlie (The real Charlie Hebdo???) I followed your link, and found the article is in French and as a typical Brit I don't speak the language. Did like the cartoons though. I can't imagine a cartoon of mohammed snogging a bloke is likely to be received as conciliatory.

  4. Most of time man, it's just the same old crap. Which is why I look in here.....not very often