Monday, 21 November 2011

Another blogger gone

Fuddled medic has now announced he too is leaving the circuit. Nothing sinister or untoward, he has simply tired of it. He is at the start of his career and I wish him farewell and all the best for the future.


  1. "Everyone will be pleased to know, it will never return either." No Dr Pal, do bring them back, they really helped us get to know you and of course there are many newer people out there who don't really know what a great task you were shouldering. And one day we hope you choose to get back to your vital clinical work as a psychiatrist. You are missed. The GMC is changing and you have helped bring this about.

  2. Interesting.

    The websites will never return. I think the rest of the bloggers do a good enough job and command enough respect.

    As for the GMC, yesterday they issued me with an apology for Pal v GMC 2004. I am not quite sure how to take it but I believe the first step is to ask for some further changes to be made.


  3. About time too. It only took them 7 years.

  4. I sent this guy Russian Political Hospitals by Bloch :)

    Always felt this was the most entertaining piece of GMC Correspondence. I quite liked Neil in a odd way. Will publish our correspondence one day just for entertainment and historical interest.

    Subject: Your gift
    Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 14:44:03 -0000
    From: Neil Marshall (0207 189 5153) <NMarshall@
    To: Rita Pal <dr.ritapal@

    Dear Rita


    I have just received your card and gifts. Many thanks - I am touched.
    The chocs are very nice - I've already snaffled a few, although I should
    probably follow your example and give them up. You may be surprised to
    know that I will also find the book very interesting - in a former life,
    I did have an academic interest in political systems and the different
    means that they use to 'keep order'. And the joke is not lost on me.

    For the record, I have found it difficult to deal with you at times - as
    you would probably expect and as you may have wanted. I did find some of
    your attacks on my colleagues went too far - you may think we are all
    part of the 'machine' (and there is certainly an argument), but the
    likes of Peter Lynn and others were trying to do a job to the best of
    their ability and, much as you may not believe it, most of us do
    genuinely hope that we contribute to patient safety.

    That said, I can understand why you were frustrated with the GMC of the
    90s and the early years of this century - and I know that you were
    sorely annoyed by our decision to consider (however informally) whether
    there were issues with your health. I can also say that dealing with
    your queries was never boring and certainly kept us on our toes.

    Above all else - and however it might have been expressed - it is clear
    to me that your primary interest has always been in protecting patients,
    rather than in your own career or advancement. You cannot say that of
    all doctors and, for what it's worth, I think it is greatly to your

    I wish you all the best for the future and, as some of my friends would
    say, I hope your life is as you find it.

    Best wishes, Neil

    And that I believe is the end of the tale :).
    [for now]

  5. I am sure you have enjoyed your 24 hour rapid accelerated learning in GMC jurisprudence. It is now your turn to pass the message to our colleagues and to protect them.

    Until we meet again one day on the net in the future Dr Z.

    Goodbye for now.