Thursday, 17 November 2011

Make love, not war

I recently posted about the French magazine “Charlie Hebdo” suggesting that the animosity they have attracted from militant islamists might be neutralised by the “make love, not war “ philosophy. Well someone else has had this idea. As part of an ad campaign Benetton had produced a number of photoshopped pictures depicting pairs of mortal enemies snogging each other. Of the four pictures 3 featured political adversaries and the last one had a religious theme, featuring the pope and sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb, who are apparently not the best of friends. 

None of the politicians involved seem to care greatly, a thick skin comes with the job, but the pope is said to be very upset at being depicted in a man-love embrace and Benetton have pulled the ad. The vatican has protested strongly about the picture and would obviously like this picture to disappear completely, saying that it wants the image removed from all media, including websites. Well we can’t have that can we, so here it is.

A vatican spokesman has said that the picture shows a serious lack of respect for the pope. Yup. Sure does.

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