Monday, 15 August 2011


It may have been noticed that there are no ads on my site at all. I suppose I could make a little money by “monetising “ the site but I would rather have total control over what goes on it. 

I have a dislike of advertising at the best of times but what really annoys me are the various ads that are in fact scams, which are extremely common on monetised blogs. Once he has given permission for ads to appear the blogger has no control over the ads placed on his site.

The modus operandi of these scams is always the same. A product is offered at an introductory price of just a few pounds, or even free, though you have to pay for postage. Once you give your credit card details the trap shuts. Regular substantial sums are then deducted from your account despite your trying to cancel the agreement, and often without you even receiving the product. The companies are impossible to contact and ignore all communications.

The style of advertising is always the same and the web is saturated with different sites heavily promoting the product. Even if you google “product scam” the list of sites is headed by promotional sites that front for the company.

Products so far used to carry out this scam include tooth whitening products, slimming berries, stomach flattening and the latest is an anti wrinkle cream, called Perfect Radiance. the products themselves are of very little worth or value. 

People have lost considerable sums of money with these scams. I am glad they have never been led into them from my site.


  1. Email me your credit card details and I'll mail you the Top 10 Secrets To Wellbeing that the fat cats don't want you to know!

  2. You got it, wierd tips only known by moms.

  3. Of course I'm not influenced by these ads on blogs. Though I did go to the supermaerket last night and look for Atheist bogroll.

  4. If you google "atheist toilet paper" you get 917,000 results. It appears a lot of atheists use pages from various holy books. I don't think it compares with Andrex for softness.

  5. the whole colon cleanse green coffee extract is a scam! The trial was supposed to be free, but after viewing my credit card bill I noticed that there were charges from a PWL company that should not have been there. I've called them, told them to cancel it which they assured me they did, only to find MORE charges 2 days after it was supposedly cancelled! I am so angry at myself for falling for their scam and I've been in contact with my credit card company to dispute the charges and I may end up having to report the card lost so that they can't continue to charge me. How do these people get away with this?????