Thursday, 17 November 2011

Career change

Now and again you hear colleagues grumbling about the job, planning to retire at the earliest opportunity, as if they were caught in a job that might feature on Tony Robinson’s “worst jobs in history” You even occasionally hear them contemplating doing some other job and quitting medicine altogether. They never do though. Most of us acknowledge that, although the job, like any other, has it’s ups and downs, we are in fact privileged. We have jobs that are secure, interesting, challenging, gratifying, and rewarded, not just by excellent pay, but also status and respect. 

There are far far worse jobs than being a doctor. For example you could be a street cleaner in the village of Elsa in Bavaria. I suppose that there are jobs that in one respect or another might appear more appealing than medicine but I suspect if you spoke to someone in that employment you would find the grass not as green as you thought. As an example working in Cadbury’s sounds all right, but would you soon sicken of chocolate? I am sure even that being a detective in Spotsylvania, Virginia must have it’s down side, though after reading this report that is an alternative job I might actually consider.

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