Sunday, 27 November 2011

Burzynski clinic

There are no depths to which some doctors will not sink in the pursuit of riches. Readers of other blogs will be familiar with Stanislaw Burzynski, and his quack clinic. These articles by Andy Lewis and Prof Colquhoun explain the details fully.

Children with serious conditions will always pull on the heart strings, and loosen the purse strings of the most stone hearted miser, but those who are contributing to this child’s fund in good faith are surely being scammed. And that pales into insignificance compared with how the child and his desperate family are being used and conned.

In his post Prof Colquhoun calls for maximum exposure of this story to create a Streissand effect to counter the legal threats emanating from Burzynski’s clinic and other bloggers have already responded. I don’t suppose I have a fraction of the following enjoyed by Lewis, Colquhoun and others. I expect my followers are already fully aware of the story, and I think it unlikely that my little blog will be noticed by Burzynski. That is not the point. I have copied both articles, and in the unlikely event that they disappear I will repost them here. 


  1. She won't silence you though Dr R 'Pluto' Pal will she? I mean that would spoil half the fun of reading internet blog posts. When are you going back on Twitter? Your followers must be wondering what's happened to you, collecting stamps instead.

  2. Save me,save me Dr Zorro. I am distressed by a rain drop falling on my face.

    Ms Teardrop Snr

  3. No, no, I'm Spartacus, and so is my wife......

  4. I don't think it matters about those of us who aren't "big" enough to be sued. If the nutter sues some but not others, that can be used against him. Everybody link arms, they can't use pepper spray here!

  5. Pluto has used threats against people who have lost children on more than one occasion. However, my advice to you would be if you are feeling harassed is do not go to the GMC, go to the Police and serve a harassment notice on her. She is known to make people ill, there is a long history of it and no she did not win the 2009 case. Go and see your doctor if you are feeling 'depressed' about this and have it noted and neither has she offending posts on her websites and please read all the judgments against her on Bailli. It is NOT fun being a victim of her for months on the trot.