Monday, 21 November 2011

Troll? not really.

Like many blogs mine has attracted a troll, and mine has been with me intermittently from very early on. She usually comments anonymously, but has also commented as Sam or ZI. For simplicity I have christened her George. We disagree fundamentally on free speech, particularly when it comes to religion, and George has become mildly abusive and has on one occasion made a threat. However compared to some of the trolls afflicting other blogs mine is relatively benign and our disagreements I think stem from her strong views rather than a desire to offend. Despite our disagreements I bear George no animosity, and in what might be considered a variant of the Stockholm effect even have a slight affection for her.

From what I understand George is currently located in a place where there is considerable unrest and danger. I sincerely hope that George is taking care and comes to no harm. Look after yourself George.


  1. Dr Z,

    Given what's going on in the blogosphere right now, was this the time or the place to out your 'troll' as you call her, esp when you comment anonymously yourself? We need to talk about the GMC just now, not this.

  2. I have hardly "outed" her. She blogs quite openly under her own name and has commented on my blog also under her own name. Furthermore I think a sense of perspective is required here. What is happening in Egypt at the moment is far more serious than our comparatively trivial concerns. Even at it's worst the GMC has not killed, whereas the death toll in Egypt is at least 20 just today. There are other things going on in the world. No-one tells you what to put on your blog. Don't tell me what to put on mine.

    Rita. I am still very much in love with Mrs DZ thank you. That does not preclude me having a little concern for someone who is a regular reader and contributor.

  3. "No-one tells you what to put on your blog. Don't tell me what to put on mine."

    Taken as read, Dr Z, but this post comes across as having a laugh at her expense, rather than concern. Maybe that was not what you intended.

  4. Please take my assurance that that was not my intention and that my concern is genuine. As I stated clearly I have no animosity towards the lady.

  5. I used to have a cyber-stalker.

    Best encouragement going IMO.