Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Who turned the lights out?

I once light heartedly rebuked a married male friend for making an appreciative comment about an attractive young lady. He responded “Just because a man is on a diet does not mean he may not admire the beautiful food” This, I think epitomises the cultural attitude in the secular west, that women can dress as they please, and be admired for their beauty, secure in the knowledge that their person should be respected. The attitude, usually encountered in the religious, that women who dress attractively are fair game and bring unwanted attention on themselves is contemptible. A particularly vile example is featured here.

Equally contemptible is the religious attitude that, for a man to see a woman’s body is so inflammatory, that the man can not be expected to control himself, and that the woman must therefore conceal herself entirely in a sack, with just a slot for her eyes, so that she looks like an animated black post box.

Well apparently even this is too much for some religious zealots. When all that is visible of a woman is her eyes, even these become erotic, and therefore have to be covered. So how are they supposed to see where they are fucking going? Would it not be equally effective to cover up the blokes' eyes?

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