Friday, 14 January 2011

Softening up

Further to my previous post, I find it odd that we NHS consultants should now be the focus of attention for the media. For years we have been left alone, our GP colleagues being the favoured prey. Even when our new contract delivered a very generous new salary it did not attract the ire of the media anything like when exactly the same thing happened to GPs.

So why all of a sudden have they turned on us, giving the public the impression that we all rolling in easy money? Note that the Telegraph article refers to our “bonuses”. Could they mean CEAs? 

As I have said before I think CEAs will be abolished, and good riddance too. If the consultant body is stupid enough to fight this, then we are going to look like the public sector equivalent of the bankers.

These articles spreading misinformation about our pay are perfectly timed to give the public a certain jaundiced view, and fighting the loss of our bonuses is going to confirm that view in the minds of the punters. Protesting over their loss is going to do us no favours at all.

Then again, I am sure that it is all just a coincidence.

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