Friday, 7 January 2011


I don’t normally do politics on my site but today is a big day. The expenses cheat David Chaytor is due to be sentenced in a little over two hours for making fraudulent expense claims. 

It would be an outrage if someone in such a high position of trust, who betrayed that trust for sordid financial gain, were to get off without a custodial sentence.

One thing in his favour is that he at least pleaded guilty of his crimes once it became clear that his guilt was plain for all to see. Unlike his fellow expense cheats Morley and Devine he at least saved the taxpayer the expense of a trial. Those two seem to be determined to bluff it out to the bitter end.

Morley puts me in mind of an old old advert for tea. The slogan was “Ty Phoo puts the T in Britain”. 

Morley was MP for Scunthorpe. Work it out. 


  1. Now if they would just stick a few tax-avoiding bankers in there with him...