Thursday, 13 January 2011

Don't laugh

It will be apparent from some of my recent posts that I have been looking at and criticising the blog site of the homeopath John Benneth. I have found it difficult to credit the sheer ludicrousness of his long rambles, but the more I look the more I am drawn to the inevitable conclusion.

A commenter on another site has said Benneth is an everlasting source of high hilarity” I disagree.

There is nothing funny about what we can all see on Benneth's blog. The long rambling paranoid and self aggrandising posts. His portrayal of those who criticise him such as these depictions of James Randi and PZ Myers.

But the clincher here is how he sees himself. This is posted as a self portrait of Benneth.

What we are seeing here is not funny but immensely disturbing. It is the steady descent of a human being into insanity.

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