Sunday, 30 January 2011


Here is a little story sent by one of my readers, who, for reasons which will become obvious wishes to remain anonymous.

Dr X is an anaesthetist. It is the end of a long day. Dr X has been on an eye surgery list, putting in peri bulbar or sub tenon blocks, as well as the odd general anaesthetic.

He quickly and efficiently puts a peri bulbar block into the last patient. As is often the case the patient finds this a brief, but unpleasant experience, but tolerates the procedure with quiet stoicism. Dr X finishes and asks if the patient is OK.

"Yes" replies the patient, "but they are operating on this eye" he says, pointing to the other side.

" Oh yes" thinks Dr X. "The eye with the dilated pupil, and the big arrow over it"



  1. At least they didn't remove the wrong eye.

  2. So much for the local anaesthetic block......

    So much for the WHO checklist.......