Thursday, 27 January 2011

Another man with his head up his arse.

This is Mr John Black, president of the Royal College of Surgeons. He believes that the working time directive should not apply to surgeons in training, and that they should work a 65 hour week.

He does not believe that adequate training can be achieved in 48 hours a week, that is six eight hour days a week.

In the past ten years with the massive expansion in dedicated CEPOD and Trauma theatre sessions the great majority of all emergencies are dealt with in normal working hours, yet Mr Black does not think that this is enough.

Despite evidence that excess working hours detracts from performance, and adversely affects the health of the worker, Mr Black clearly knows better.

Mr Black states It is a matter of regret that all the adverse effects we predicted have come about.” and yet he presents no evidence to support this statement. Since the 48 hr week has only been with us for 18 months it is far too early to make any meaningful statements about any consequences.

He further states “The ability to opt out of the EWTR should stay, We live in a free country after all..” All freedoms are subject to legal restrictions. Airline pilots, and lorry drivers have no such freedom to opt out, and there is no reason why the man rummaging around your insides should have such a “freedom” either. And there is little doubt that surgical trainees who choose (wisely) not to opt out would find themselves treated harshly by dinosaurs like Black.

Mr Black obviously feels that the modern trainee is not up to his illustrious standard. I think his view is arrogant, conceited and wrong

What a fucking fossil.

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  1. As usual, "chrissa" is right on the ball with her comment on the blog. No doubt this dinosaur is hoping for another CEA just before he retires so that his already substantial pension will be boosted at the taxpayer's expense.