Friday, 10 September 2010

Mystery object - answer

Well I had a number of suggestions for what this was, all of them more or less right.

The mystery object is described on the website where it is offered for sale as; “an internally spiked, male anti masturbation device.”

Such things have been around for a long time. The picture above is a similar device from about the year 1900. Back then masturbation was regarded as a huge social evil and risk to health, and supposedly sane and normal people went to great lengths to discourage the practice, including applying devices like this. I am not at all sure what sort of person would buy the modern one, available today for about £100, but since the spikes are designed to discourage erection I can not imagine any sane man consenting to have this applied.

Thankfully today we have progressed a little in our attitudes. As Woody Allen once described masturbation “It’s safe sex with someone you love.” 

However for those of you who still feel that discouraging wanking in youngsters is the best way to produce well balanced, stable, happy and healthy adults then this page should give you a few helpful tips.


  1. Might be useful device for members of the GMC then Doc. They're all w*****s, are they not?

  2. Apparently the coalition government wants them made compulsory til the age of 43