Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Money money money

The disproportionately high salaries of a minority of doctors has been highlighted recently as reported here.

There will always be a minority of calculating individual doctors whose career choices and motivation are mercenary, and who are able to milk the system for their own benefit. Look at Trust Medical Directors. Their clinical workload almost entirely dropped, no more on call and their days spent sitting on committees and telling their colleagues how to do their jobs. And for this they get an extra 50K+ on top of their consultant salaries. They usually manage to wangle themselves a CEA too despite the fact that the regulations state that these should not be awarded for work which is already remunerated.

I am sure there are some out there that are worth all this extra, but every Medical Director I have known or met has been arrogant, overbearing and none too bright. And before someone points out the obvious, it does not take much intelligence to use the current system to fill your own pockets at the taxpayers expense. What it takes is shameless cunning and a lack of integrity.


  1. Yeah know one. He does bugger all clinically, except private stuff, gets a CEA, and he's a prat! Sadly a rich one.

  2. Interested to know what your take on the proposals for the NHS structural changes will be, doing away with PCTs will surely mean more opportunities for Doctors to do nicely out of the system