Sunday, 11 March 2012

So many levels

Many thanks to “N” for this story

Case reports of objects lost up the rectum are common. The variety of objects is extensive, as are the excuses as to how they got where they ended up, but this is such a story with a twist.

The patients are almost invariably male and mature adults, but apparently on this occasion the patient, who had lost a vibrator up his rectum, though male, was just 15. He was thus accompanied by his mother, who had to give consent. Perhaps unwisely the admitting surgeon asked the young lad where he had obtained a vibrator. There was a pregnant pause before the mother snapped. “It’s mine”


  1. haha. Tell me who you're parents are and I will tell you who you are. Not true at all times but in this case, the perfect adage. :)

    Peny@online scrubs

  2. Does your wife know you are reading "rated" texts :).


    PS My phone vibrates in my wonderbra all the time... does that count?

  3. Erk.

    That little story will stay with me for a while, unfortunately ...

  4. "Does your wife know you are reading "rated" texts :)." and borderline comments?