Saturday, 17 March 2012


Over the years I have seen a lot of changes, not just in the NHS but across the whole spectrum of life. But there have also been some constants. The Queen for example has been monarch for my entire life. 

Another constant has been Terry Wogan. He seems to have been there in the background for as long as I can remember. Sometimes just above my eyeline, sometimes just below but always there. It’s only lately that I have started to take much notice but I have to say he is growing on me.

Take this article for example. I was just about to comment on this latest health scare here on this blog. But Mr Wogan has beaten me to it and said everything I was going to say. 


But absolutely right in every word.

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  1. Terry Wogan is amazing and Radio 2 in the morning is not the same without him (especially the lack of Janet and John stories)...and Eurovision has lost whatever appeal it had because Terry is no longer there to drunkenly soften the blow