Thursday, 23 February 2012

Too much info

I have had an email from a reader who does not want to leave a comment. He asks me what I mean about a “second use” in this recent post. Not that I have given the matter much thought but,

The top end of the tube is quite wide, about 5cm in diameter. if you were to cut off the top end just below the shoulder, and then pop the tube into the microwave for a few seconds to warm up the contents, ............ er, perhaps I should just shut up.


  1. Oh, wow! Even I didn't think of that, you have a seriously sick mind. Or an adventurous one......

  2. You'll be having problems with your eye sight too then?

  3. Brilliant, what can beat a cheap and effective Onanism aid? No idea what you're wife is reading on the back of it to make her think that would be it's secondary purpose?

    The do not get in 'eyes' is surely warning against?