Wednesday, 29 February 2012


After my last two posts I guess you are expecting me to bemoan the loss of morale in members of the medical profession. But I am not.

It is true that we have genuine and justifiable grievances, but that is nothing new. We have always had something to grumble about. It is also true that a minority of our colleagues have become cynical, mercenary and selfish, and it could be suggested that this is a response to our poor treatment, but such individuals have always been present in our profession, as is well described in “The Citadel”

My perception is that our morale has been very little affected. I still see most of my colleagues engaging with their patients with as much enthusiasm and dedication as they ever did. They still seem to get as much gratification as ever from their work, despite the difficulties. The regard and respect we enjoy in the eyes of the public seems little diminished. When polls are held to discover which professions are most trusted and respected doctors still come out at, or near the top. Places in medical school are still much prized and competed for.

So if there has been an attempt to demoralise us it has failed. I, and many of my colleagues still enjoy our work and derive immense satisfaction from what we are able to achieve. In spite of expectations I see no difference in the next generations of doctors. We should congratulate ourselves. We have not let the bastards grind us down.

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