Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Most of us, especially if we have lived in the same house for a number of years will have acquired a certain amount of junk. Stuff that we no longer have a use for, but we don’t throw away in case, one day, it comes in handy. Just take a look in your own loft or garage to see how much stuff, realistically, you will never use again. And look in the back of your kitchen cupboard and you will probably find something you know you will only ever eat if you are snowed in for so long that the family dog is next on the menu.

For some people however this natural unwillingness to discard things becomes all consuming in a form of obsessive compulsive disorder characterised by hoarding. Most of us find this behaviour incomprehensible, but once in a while it can pay off.

This unremarkable and ordinary pill pot, that once contained phenylephrine tablets would normally have been discarded. Instead someone retained it, and it sold at auction for £2,600, purely by virtue of the label.

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