Friday, 10 February 2012

Skewed poll

A Judge has recently ruled that it is unlawful to commence council meetings with prayer. Quite right too, that is not what they were elected for, and inevitably it is christian religion that is marked out for special treatment. As usual the christians are trying to play the victim card, and even just simply lying. The Bishop of Exeter stated "Every time there is a survey of religious beliefs in this country, around 70 per cent of the population profess a faith and to saying private prayers.” and he portrays the secular as “a tiny minority” He obviously has not seen the ICM poll referred to here.

The Telegraph has set up a poll for people to express their views but it is one of the most disgracefully skewed polls I have ever seen. There is one option for those who approve of religion being included into council meetings, but then there are three different options for those who disagree, effectively giving the same option three times, and dividing the secular vote. You don’t suppose the Telegraph are biased do you?

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