Friday, 17 February 2012

Every sperm is sacred

While we are on the subject, DZ has commented in the past about the rather bizarre attitude some people have towards masturbation, particularly in the bible belt of the USA. 

The ultimate answer to those religious nutcases who think wanking should not be allowed is to point out that there is no law against it. Yet. But in Oklahoma there is a politician who has introduced an amendment to a bill which would in fact classify masturbation as a “crime against the unborn child” and thus criminalise it.

In fact she is being sarcastic and has introduced the amendment as a protest at the bill which is designed to make abortion all but unobtainable in Oklahoma. Sadly I think her sarcasm may well be lost on many americans, and her amendment might even get some support among the loony fundamentalists. Hopefully there will not be enough of them for her actions to backfire on her.


  1. So, how often does one wank then?

  2. 95% of males masturbate on a regular basis. The other 5% are liars.