Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Heroes & villains

Jobbing Doctor has drawn my attention to this case where Professor John Ashton has been threatened by his employer, NHS Cumbria, for daring to express his opinion on the NHS reforms. As I have been saying since I started this blog, expressing your opinion is a statutory right and his employer has no right to behave in this utterly reprehensible manner. Indeed if Prof Ashton has real concerns that the reforms will have adverse effects on patients he is required by the GMC to express his concerns.

Since he is following GMC guidelines I would expect that the GMC would take action to support Prof Ashton. I predict that they will do no such thing. Further I expect that if NHS Cumbria were to report Prof Ashton to the GMC they would then pursue him in their usual impartial style.

The guardian article, as usual refers to NHS Cumbria as an inanimate organisation as if no individual were responsible, but someone in the Trust wrote and signed this letter, which is probably unlawful. Whoever it was the one who must accept responsibility for this is the chief executive.

Here is the little shit.

Tell you what Mr Gordon. Why don't you try shutting me up, you bastard.


  1. the a&e charge nurse21 February 2012 at 21:50

    There may be an explanation - apparently they are everywhere!

    Lack of empathy may not be a handicap for certain roles in the job market?

  2. Followed the link. Am now wondering If I am myself a psychopath.

  3. Prof Ashton has quite a good CV: http://www.johnrashton.securemachines.co.uk/web/biography.asp

    A CBE for services to public health? perhaps he will call on the Queen for a character reference...