Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ungentlemanly conduct

I recently read this case about a nurse who was struck off for having a sexual relationship with a patient. These affairs are of course an absolute no no for doctors as well as nurses, as is made clear at para 32 of the good practice guide.

But there are one or two aspects about this case that are a little odd. The patient, in his complaint to the Nursing and Midwifery Council stated “she was a big girl and I did not find her attractive”. Now if this was a single episode you might find that credible, but in fact the pair were having sex twice a week  for four months. You would have thought that if he was so upset about it he would have said something sooner.

The Mail puts it rather oddly stating that “she had sex with the man” as if he was a passive victim. Now as I am sure you all know, one thing a man can’t do, that a woman can is lie back and think of England. It takes two to tango, and the man has to rise to the occasion.

The nurse was very silly here. She broke the rules and that is that. But it is pretty obvious that the male patient took what was on offer until, as men do, he tired of her. And then instead of ending the affair in an honest manner he shopped her to the authorities. What a swine.

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  1. Or, as sid the Sexist once said, fat birds are like mopeds. They're fine for riding until your mates see you on one.