Sunday, 7 August 2011

Death penalty

I recently posted on how I disapproved of the death penalty. This was before another blogger's recent campaign to reinstate the death penalty in English law.

It is funny how things you say can rebound on you. I recently had something that belongs to me vandalised and willfully damaged. It is something that cost a lot of hard earned cash. Something I highly value. I don't know who was responsible but I WANT HIM DEAD!


  1. I'm afraid it is just a consequence of owning an expensive personal possession. Is it not insured?

  2. Even if I had £67,000 to spare I would not spend it on a car. And yes it is insured, but; a. there is an excess on the policy, and b. it is not the expense of the damage, but the defilement of part of your life that rankles.