Friday, 26 August 2011

Today revalidation, tomorrow............

In my last post I suggested that, if we could all unite in refusing to play the revalidation game, the whole idea would have to be abandoned. Alas to make this work we would have to have a union with bollocks, organisational ability, determination and purpose. What we have is the BMA, a verbose and pompous bunch of ineffectuals who could not organise a poke in a brothel. An organisation that brings to mind the saying “all mouth and no trousers”

It is a shame because with determination and unity we could achieve far more than just the shelving of revalidation.

The GMC is now an organisation so flawed and out of control that it has been severely criticised by the previous CMO Sir Liam Donaldson, and even by a previous President, Sir Donald Irvine, who has called for it’s abolition.

A sure way for any individual doctor to get his name erased from the register is to refuse to pay the annual retention fee. But what if we all refused en masse. We don’t actually get anything for this payment, we would not lose anything by not paying. If all of us together withheld payment, what could they do. They would fold overnight.

I am dreaming again aren’t I?

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