Sunday, 14 August 2011

Tea in a cracked pot

Whatever you might think about our mainstream politicians, of any party, there is one thing they have going for them. They are not American.

One of the front runners in the early stages of the next presidential race is Republican Michelle Bachmann, a woman who has been described as “The only politician dumber than Sarah Palin”. 

The possibility that this woman could become the next President of the USA is something that should deeply worry not just Americans, but the whole world. This ultra right winger has startling views on a whole range of issues that are really scary. Rampantly anti gay, anti abortion, a religious fundamentalist with a desire to introduce creationism into US education, and a terrifying attitude of American superiority gives a little taste of what goes on in her mind. She is also bitterly opposed to the concept of universal healthcare, seeing it as the thin end of a communist wedge.

You only have to read some of her quotes to see the lack of cerebral activity, a frightening example of uninformed ignorance coupled with arrogant aggression.

Her lack of thought and self awareness is well illustrated by this picture.

Can you imagine Harriet Harman being caught out in this pose. Would you even want to. Caroline Flint though..............dream on.

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