Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dying for a fag

While we are on the subject of lifestyle and health, there can be few people today who don’t know how harmful smoking is. Yet, despite the indisputable hazards of smoking the proportion of smokers in the UK has remained stubbornly at 20% for some years now. 

Most people know about the cardiovascular and respiratory consequences of smoking, but there are other risks which may be lower in incidence, but are more dramatic and horrific, and maybe the hard core of smokers might take more notice of these.

For example, I remember when smoking was allowed on public transport, but, on a double decker bus those who wanted to smoke had to go upstairs. So when, as occasionally happens, the driver lost his way and ended up going under a low bridge, those decapitated were mostly smokers.

Then there is the risk of setting fire to yourself like this idiot.

Or how about when the desperate smoker does something inadvisable to try and get his fix, and comes to grief.

There are even bacteriological risks that have probably never occurred to many smokers.

I think we need a more catchy approach to this, like this clever picture on the ceiling of a smoking room.

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  1. But to a teenager, the risks of smoking, appearing not to care if you live or die, make you look "cool". I think there's an inherent thrill that many folk get from taking risks. Some of us race powerful motorcycles despite knowing many who've been killed, but that's what makes it exciting!

    Drugs, skiing, rally driving, horseriding, eating MacBowels; all dangerous and bad for your health but also fun (each to their own). In a drab World all we have sometimes is to exist from one but of fun to the next.